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Restore Strength and Flexibility Resistance Bands

Restore Strength and Flexibility Resistance Bands

Become stronger and more flexible with the #1 recommended post-physical therapy tool: resistance bands. Increase shoulder flexibility and range of motion, strengthen upper back muscles, improve posture, and condition core muscles with our all-in-one resistance band kit. The Strength & Flexibility Kit will add variety and challenge to your workout with three different resistance levels and our detailed exercise guide. Made in China.

  • Three multi-level resistance bands
  • Increase range of motion and strengthen muscles
  • Bands are 60 inches long
  • Includes detailed exercise guide
  • Made exclusively by Gaiam

Resistance Levels: Green is Light (20lbs +/-), Blue is Medium (30lbs +/-), and Gray is Heavy (40lbs +/-).

  • Pickup and Refunds

    All of these products on the MTY website** are pickup at the studio only(no shipping). Products will be delivered to the studio and marked for pickup with 7-10 days.


    These are final sale-no exchanges or refunds.


    Products include: Myga strap, Myga yoga mat, Gaiam Yoga Mats, Toeless Socks, Women's MTY shirts, Men's/Unisix MTY shirts. Restore Strength and Flexibility Band Set.

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