Chair Yoga for Beginners

You might be thinking, "if I'm sitting all day and my intention is to increase my activity, why would I choose chair yoga?" Great question! Chair yoga is an excellent entry point to jump-start a physical movement practice for people that are prone to a sedentary lifestyle. Chair yoga is the perfect place to begin if you're new to yoga. The best part is you can take chair yoga techniques with you to work, school, and on travel trips. Chair yoga is the Dr. Suess of all yoga styles, it can be practiced here, there, and everywhere!

Silliness aside, chair yoga helps to build muscle and strength with the support of a seat. Depending on the sequence the entire class might not be taught in a seated position. Some instructors will guide students through standing postures using the chair for support. This strategy helps to build balance and confidence to move more. As long as you avoid slippery surfaces, the chair provides stability and safety. Many chair yoga poses are adapted from traditional yoga postures so there's a lot that can be done seated. Some chair yoga sequences are full body stretches, joint mobility series, and core strengthening, classes. A consistent chair yoga practice helps students strengthen and ease out of their comfort zone. A great guided chair yoga class will advance the student's skill level to help them build their self-esteem and confidence to tackle more challenging movements.

Chair yoga is also an opportunity to prioritize the calming meditative parts of yoga over the postures. A chair yoga practice is a reminder that you can do yoga in meetings, classrooms, and on your commute. Yoga practice is being present. It's sometimes easier to practice centering breathwork while sitting comfortably in a chair. The chair reduces the distractions often caused by the numbing sensations that creep in while sitting seated with crossed legs on the floor. The chair is a safe space to sit and soften into to relax for mindful movement and meditation. You're missing out on maximum relaxation if you've never tried the chair yoga variation of legs up the wall. Lying on a mat with your feet on the seat of the chair brings your feet higher than your heart and activates the body's built-in relaxation response. If you feel stagnant and stiff, take my word for it, it's time to roll up your yoga mat and pull up a chair!!

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