The Benefits of Proper Breathing

Something we do every second of every day keeps us alive and controls many (if not all) physical and even nonphysical functions that our body has. Breathing is something we do daily and have been doing since we were born, but we still do not breathe properly all the time. We probably breathe properly only 5% of the time or less. Proper breathing takes conscious effort to do and is as simple as being aware that you aren’t breathing properly and fixing it. It might take weeks or months to have awareness but once you do It will pay off towards your health and overall well-being.

Proper breathing is important to things such as stress levels and posture all the way to blood pressure and mindfulness. Proper breathing should become a habit that improves all areas of your life. Here are the benefits to breathing properly:

Breathing properly keeps you healthy and less likely to get sick

Proper breathing allows oxygen to go deeper into the lungs and diaphragm allowing for things like asthma and stress to be managed a lot easier than if you weren’t to breathe properly and deeper. Stress management and deep breathing are things that can lower the chances and effects of sickness and manage symptoms of things such as asthma, any NTD (non-transmissible disease) and even chronic diseases which can’t be cured or reversed. Mental health management is greatly attributed to things like yoga, meditation and exercise, and breathing is the main function that you use during these activities. So breathing is very important to your mental and physical health whether you know it or not.

Stress levels will stay low when you breathe properly

Stress is the number one under valued marker of good health. Many people think they’re healthy but aren’t because their stress and blood pressure are through the roof, causing them to have increased chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. Lower stress levels will also improve your overall quality of life. This means that falling asleep will be easier and unhealthy weight will become harder to gain.

Improves sleep

I talked about this in the previous point but improving your sleep is extremely important for all other variables in your life, just like breathing is. Proper breathing (especially diaphragmatic breathing) lowers stress levels and slows the heart rate to prepare the body for sleep. Breathing and sleeping are very well connected, and most sleep disorders derive from breathing issues. So it is wise to learn to breathe properly so you can do your best to manage or prevent sleep disorders.

Builds mindfulness

Most people in general do not notice that they breathe shallow and not fully into their lungs and diaphragm. Deep breathing not only provides the body with more oxygen to circulate through the body but it creates mindfulness of your body as deeper breaths are taken. If you can notice when you are feeling overwhelmed in life or simply have a moment of recognizing your body, you can breathe deeper in the moment and create a feeling of peace, calmness and confidence. Deep breathing is done in all kinds of meditation and martial arts but deep breathing is something anyone can do at any time to reduce stress and provide mindfulness of your body and it’s intentions.

Proper breathing has many benefits and not all are listed here. Make sure to take a deep breath every once in a while and take a moment to yourself for yourself!

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