The Role of Sleep and Rest in Health and Wellness

Sleep is by far the most important habit that we have as humans that controls our health. Sleep is something that most likely takes no money at all to change and just takes a little effort on your end. Sleep controls many of our body's everyday functions, such as metabolism, heart health, digestion, energy, cognitive ability, blood pressure, stress, and so much more. Sleep is sensitive to those things in many ways.

How does sleep affect my health?

Not getting enough sleep will make you stressed and raise your blood pressure. It will also cause you to be lethargic and without energy the entire day if sleep deprivation goes for longer than one day. Our body also uses sleep to repair cells, especially brain cells. During sleep, our brain gets rid of cells that are unneeded and repairs cells that need repair. Lessening this process by not sleeping as much or not getting quality sleep can increase the risk of dementia and depression. Other things that sleep can affect our immune function, obesity, depression, and sex drive. All of these things are negatively affected by sleep deprivation.

How does sleep affect my well-being?

Sleep can help you avoid being irritable and work at your best so you’re able to perform at 100% while at work or just living your life. Getting good, quality sleep keeps your stress levels low and is great at fighting against depressive symptoms. Depressive symptoms are very easily influenced by your sleep habits. Sleep is one of the main things affected by depression and sadness and the main thing that affects depression and sadness that is physical. This is why sleep is important to get because it can make or break how you feel in totality. Not getting quality sleep can also affect weight gain, specifically fat gain. When you get enough sleep your metabolism is positively affected and gaining muscle will be easier while losing fat will also be. Obesity can be attributed to the sleep culture induced today. Controlling your sleep can control your weight and keep you at a healthy weight.


Sleep is very important to many vital functions of the body and should be something you prioritize every single day. Getting enough sleep means getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night, 7 being the minimum and 9 being the maximum. When you get enough sleep you go through all 4-6 sleep cycles. This means your body can repair damaged cells, cleanse the brain of harmful substances and toxins, and rest things like the eyes and heart. Sleep isn’t just to give our eyes a break, but to give our entire body a break and recover from the stress we put on it through exercise or through just living. After reading this I hope you can understand the importance of sleep on your physical and mental health and your overall well-being!

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